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Peter FlomI received my Ph.D. in Psychometrics in 1999 from Fordham University, where I was a Presidential fellow. I began my academic career as a teaching assistant and later an adjunct professor while in graduate school. It was during my years in graduate school that I first began consulting with students who were writing their dissertations.

Since graduating I have continued to consult with Ph.D. candidates and researchers in the social, behavioral and medical sciences and in other fields as well. I have also assisted in writing numerous successful grant applications concerning the study of drug abuse and HIV prevention.

I am the first author of more than 10 papers, and co-author on numerous others, and have presented papers and given courses in many venues.

I specialize in helping students and professionals in the social sciences by providing advanced methods of statistical analysis that complement their substantive expertise. I offer a solid problem solving skill-set using software solutions such as SAS and R to create cogent analyses and graphs.

Specific statistical techniques I have used successfully include not only the standard methods such as regression, ANOVA, or logistic regression, but also such lesser known methods as survival analysis, cluster analysis, factor analysis, principal component analysis, and multi-dimensional scaling.

If you are looking for tutoring in graduate level statistics, experienced help developing support analysis for dissertations, a track record of success preparing detailed grant submissions call me today to discuss.

Let's discuss the details of your project to see if my expertise in statistical data analysis can help you build better dissertations, write more compelling grant submissions and test your hypotheses with solid statistical analysis techniques.

To achieve your goals faster please remember to supply complete contact information including your phone or cell number. A quick call can often save a lot of emails back and forth. Or call me directly right now at: 917-488-7176 to schedule a Consultation. I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon!


  • Gail was doing research for a District Reading Assessment and needed Peter to help decipher data from bilingual and linguistic text use research. On Speed, Efficiency as well as Proactiveness when responding to requests:

    Dr. Peter Flom usually gets back to me within 2 to 6 hours of my email request. Unbelievable, and beyond what I have experienced with other statisticians.
    On Attention to Detail and Thoroughness:
    Dr. Peter Flom looks closely at the data I provide. He asks questions so he can be sure to analyze the results correctly. For example: Dr. Flom is currently looking at what is called Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA)...noting the research data currently being analyzed does not quite "make sense" (meaning children able to read more words, are scoring lower on the DRA). Peter cares about research...am finding through his expert feedback, questions, and dialog that the DRA assessment has issues with reliability and validity. Dr. Flom wants research, our research to be high quality!
    On how Peter has helped Gail learn:
    Okay...I am a dummy at statistics and statistical analysis. Dr. Peter Flom never makes me feel that way....all my questions are welcomed and answered. What I love about Dr. Peter Flom is how he uses analogies. "What is and effect size?" I ask. Dr. Peter Flom explains, "Okay, say your research is on a diet pill...people taking the pill lose .1 of a pound in 3 months." This "effect" size is minimal.
    On Providing Recommendations
    Dr. Peter Flom has not only kept up with emails when reviewing my research. He is available via phone to talk with me about data and research. Dr. Peter Flom has taken the time to read grant proposals, dissertations, and other parts of a huge research.
    I asked Gail what she liked most about working with Peter, her response:
    Dr. Peter Flom, has the rare combination of being a genius at statistical analysis with the ability to explain the statistics to those (like me) who do research as a passion on a subject... who do not really understand quantitative analysis. Dr. Flom cares, cares about the research integrity!
    All in all, Gail said Yes, should would recommend Peter to her friends and colleagues.

  • I have known Peter Flom as a fellow statistical data professional for several years. He is a skillful and knowledgeable statistical analyst / consultant, who is unstintingly generous with advice and assistance. He excels at explaining intricate concepts without oversimplifying, and always pays careful attention to how much one can infer from the data. Peter also understands the strengths and weaknesses of many advanced multivariate methods, and which ones are appropriate to use to solve the kinds of problems the data confronts him with.  strongly recommend Peter Flom as a trustworthy analyst and advisor.

    Talbot Katz, Director, Analytic Capabilities, Science at AIG
  • Peter assisted me enormously when the time came to analyze the complex data I had collected for my dissertation. He was clearly an expert in his field, as well as quite down to earth. He engaged in conversation with me in order to figure out what relationships I was interested in analyzing, and helped me to figure out which tests to run. He allowed me to be an integral part of the development of our data analysis action plan, rather than simply taking over and doing it his way without discussion or consultation. I really appreciated his approach, as it allowed me to be a true participant in the analysis of my dissertation data. I would recommend Peter Flom without reservation to any doctoral student in need of assistance in analyzing their data set.

    Katherine Charlap, Ph.D., Psychotherapist, LCSW


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Let’s discuss the details of your project to see if my expertise in statistical data analysis can help you build better dissertations, write more compelling grant submissions and test your hypotheses with solid statistical analysis techniques.